A selection of the following products will be served at the various food stations to restore your energy reserves: water, POWERBAR isotonic drinks, coke, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, bread, cheese, salami, vegan spread, POWERBAR energy bars, cake, cookies, fruits, raw vegetables, HENGSTENBERG gherkins, JENTSCHURA – gluten- and lactose-free products, pasta, different soups, potatoes with salt.
Please note, that the entire product range will not always be available at each station.

Hereinafter you will find useful advice on sports nutrition provided by our partner PowerBar, to make sure that you are properly prepared for the SCOTT ROCK THE TOP.

  • PowerBar Nutrition Blog

    How do I feed properly before a competition? Why is protein quality important for muscle growth? And what eat the pros before running an Ultratrail? Our Nutrition Blog provides knowledge and gives you tips on the subject of nutrition. From experts to people like you, people who just want to get better and better.

  • The nutrition ABC provided by PowerBar

    PowerBar offers a variety of products for many different types of sports, purposes and occasions. But what are amino acids really? And what does carb-loading actually mean? Our A-Z guide of sports nutrition gives you the answers about the ingredients, the different nutrients as well as their function. From amino acids to zinc.

  • FAQs answered by PowerBar experts

    Sports nutrition isn’t always easy to understand. But especially when it comes to performing well during physical activities and in competitive situations, sports nutrition can deliver the deciding advantage. Want to know how many gels you need for a marathon? What considerations do vegans have to follow during sports nutrition? Is carb-loading really necessary and/or beneficial? Then have a look at our FAQs. Here you’ll find the answers for many sports nutrition questions.

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