The SCOTT ROCK THE TOP – Zugspitz Trailrun Challenge are different single trail runs in the Alps. Portions of the courses of the races of the SCOTT ROCK THE TOP include high alpine trails passages demanding particular experience and skill of the participants.

There is no mandatory equipment for  the Half-marathon and the short distance run.

It is mandatory to carry the following equipment during the entire competition of the marathon and the hill climb:

  • Trail running shoes with a tread that is suitable for running in alpine terrain
  • Labeling of a competitor’s food / beverage supplies by the individual’s start number
  • Full-weather gear for protection from the elements (as a minimum water-proof rain coat)
  • Warm clothing (long-sleeved shirt and running pants) as insulating layers underneath the rain gear (in case of bad weather conditions which may set in suddenly in high mountain territory); basic rule: it is not allowed to see any skin!
  • Gloves and a warm hat
  • Drinking vessel to get drinks at the food stations
  • Water tank containing at least 1,5 liters (1,0 l for the Hill Climb)
  • Emergency kit (1x sterile dressing 4”x4”, 2x field dressing, 2x sterile gloves, 1x triangular bandage, 4x band-aids 1x emergency whistle, blister pads, rescue blanket)
  • GPX watch with complete course data saved to memory, alternatively: the printed course map(s) and elevation profile (issued at registration on race date)
  • Running Back pack
  • Mobile phone with Medical Crew Number saved in its address book to be able to make emergency calls (it must be made sure that the phone can make calls from within Austria as well)

Also recommended: sun screen, sports glasses, fatty cream against chafing, additional supply of own food and beverages, blister tapes.

The race organizers will perform random checks prior to the race start and at various check points on whether the aforementioned mandatory equipment/clothing is indeed being carried along. If mandatory equipment were to be missing, the participant in question will get time penalty or will be disqualified from the race.

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